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Tribe: Beni Ouarain
Code: B 103
Size: 5'5×9'1
Fiber: Wool
Pile: Short
Condition: Good, worn fringe

Vintage Beni Ouarain rug woven in the 1940s, 100% life wool. Cream ivory background ( grows on the body of sheep) with dark and light brown ( grows on the head of sheep). By looking at it, you'll see two different tones of pattern.The weaver started half of the rug in one area and finished it in another area of the Mid Atlas mountains. As the tribes move from one area to another seeking better weather. The other half  pattern is woven from a lighter color brown that was shorn from another sheep. This rug took two women weavers almost one year to be completed, from spinning, washing, drying the wool, then building the foundation and knotting more than five thousand knots, one knot at the time. The meaning of this pattern speaks our daily life of problems (when the pattern crosses) and salutations every time the pattern opens up.

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